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Whether contemplating a voluntary emission reduction program or complying with a mandatory cap and trade emission program, the banking and trading experts at Sage ATC guides clients through the various options to make these programs work to for you. Voluntary emission controls in nonattainment areas have a tremendous capacity for paying for themselves and more through the creation of Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs). ERCs sell on the open market to offset industrial growth in nonattainment areas. Clients facing the shutdown of emissions units, a permanent reduction in production, or voluntary installation of pollution control equipment are a prime candidate to generate ERCs and let these reductions work for them.

Emissions banking and trading is whole new world, and one that Sage ATC is well-prepared to tackle. Our experts guide our clients through our thorough screening process to evaluate what the value of a potential shutdown or voluntary emission reduction project can mean for them on the open market. Sage ATC is the established leader in ERC application development and issuance. We work for our clients on a traditional time and materials basis, or as a no cost equity partner in the development and sale of ERCs.

Air quality is what we do best. We use our years of experience dealing with VOC and NOx emissions to create solutions that withstand the regulatory uncertainty associated with ERC generation. We balance the cost of placing facility emission controls against the cost of obtaining ERCs as offsets, allowing clients to cost-effectively maximize production and more than pay for voluntary emission reductions.

We will evaluate the potential for ERC generation, create a strategic plan for generating ERCs, and partner with clients to develop the business option that fits their corporate goals.

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We maintain a dedicated team of emission banking and trading experts. We have completed more ERC applications and been issued more ERCs certificates than any of our competitors. We know the Emission Banking and Trading Agency Representatives and understand the documentation and sensitivities of the regulators in reviewing ERC applications. We offer support for our clients each step of the way – from preliminary feasibility evaluations to final sell strategies for their ERC asset.

We Understand the Big Picture:

Large capital project permitting has been the cornerstone of Sage ATC’s business since our foundation almost two decades ago. We understand the complexities and connections between Nonattainment NSR permitting, emission offset requirements and netting optimization techniques. Couple this experience with a comprehensive understanding of the generation and use of ERCs and DERCs, as well as how the HECT and MECT programs fit into the picture, and what emerges is the foundation for creating innovative solutions for our clients. Our value-added trading and implementation solutions hit our clients’ bottom line in a very significant way.

Innovative Business Options:

At Sage ATC, we off our emission banking and trading services using a variety of business options tailored to your specific needs. Our models range from a traditional consulting approach of billing on an actual time and materials basis to less traditional “no-cost options”. With our “no-cost” options, we become an equity partner with our clients on the ERC generation project and our clients incur no cost whatsoever. Sage ATC prepares the applications, negotiates with the agency, manages the marketing and sell of the ERC, and we get paid a percentage of the proceeds only when the ERC sells. If the ERC application is denied, or the ERC does not sell, there is absolutely no cost to our clients.

Sage’s offerings include:

  • Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Feasibility Studies
  • Regulatory Applicability Determinations (Surplus Reduction Evaluations)
  • Shutdown Analyses (Cost / Benefit Analyses)
  • Emission Control Technology Analyses (Vendor Support)
  • Permits by Rule (PBR) filings to Establish Federal Enforceability
  • Emission Inventory Evaluations -SIP and Historically Adjusted Emissions determinations
  • Mass Emission Cap and Trade( MECT) Evaluations
  • HRVOC Emission Control Technology (HECT) Evaluation
  • Emission Reduction Calculation Support
  • Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) Application Development and Documentation
  • DERC and ERC Swap Strategies
  • Agency Negotiations