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Air Dispersion Modeling

Superior Experience to Meet Modeling Objectives

Over the past decade, modeling requirements have increased for industrial facilities. At Sage ATC, we stay on top of the latest developments in modeling techniques and the regulations that require modeling.

Our modelers have decades of experience in air dispersion modeling and have performed thousands of air dispersion modeling analyses all over the world. Our unsurpassed experience with NSR/PSD modeling analyses, state air toxics modeling, RMP off-site consequence analyses, health risk assessment modeling, and more will ensure the success of even your most difficult modeling challenges.

We deliver high-quality, cost-effective modeling products and services by maintaining state of the art modeling computers and by providing the appropriate balance of project management and technical performance for each project.

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The breadth of our experience, combined with a close working relationship with modeling regulators, provides us with unprecedented successes with even the most challenging projects.

Big Picture Perspective:

Our modeling project managers are experts not only in the setup and execution of the model, but also have a thorough understanding of underlying permitting, RMP and emission calculation assumptions input to the model. We go far beyond technical execution. Our modelers are skilled at troubleshooting modeling results and suggesting potential solutions for culpable sources needed to result in a passing model analysis.

Superior Technology:

Our super computers are second to none, resulting in faster turnaround on “what-if” model sensitivity analyses.

Superior Relationship with Agency Modeling Staff:

Sage ATC modelers work with agency staff on a daily basis to deliver a technically superior analysis that anticipates and addresses agency priorities. We know the agency “hotspots” and deliver our modeling analyses with knowledgeable benchmarking of previously approved techniques. Hitting the mark on the first try means shortened review cycles and issuance of a permit on a condensed timeline.

Breadth of Services:

Whether permitting, RMP, event or episode analysis, or evaluation of the effectiveness of emission control scenarios, our modeling teams provide unparalleled services on every project, big or small.

Sage’s offerings include:

Unexpected Event/Episode Monitoring

  • Modeling Analysis
  • Determining Potential Exposures

Mobile Source Monitoring

  • Current and Future Emissions Calculations and Estimates
  • In-Use Fleet Emission Factors (MOBILE6)
  • Air Quality Levels

Risk Management Plan (RMP) and Risk Assessment Modeling

  • Risk Management Models and Utilities
  • Hazardous Release Models
  • Risk Management Program and Plan Off-Site Consequence Analysis Modeling
  • Determination of the Radius of Impact and Population Affected
  • Refined Modeling for Realistic Impact Estimates
  • Modeling Results Analyses, Interpretation, Documentation, and Reporting

State Implementation Plan (Sip) and Regulatory Modeling

  • SO2 SIP
  • Nonattainment Evaluation Studies

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

  • Contested Case Permit Hearings
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Non-Testifying Expertise
  • Special Dispersion Modeling Studies
  • Regulatory Interpretation

New Source Review (NSR) Modeling

  • PSD Permits and Increments
  • Nonattainment NSR Permits
  • National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
  • Screening Models
  • Near-Field Dispersion Models
  • Long-Range Transport Models
  • Risk Management Models and Utilities