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About this event:

Created by Sage-ATC

Houston, TX

About the Course: BWON Essentials 

Day 1 covers BWON Essentials. If you need to learn the fundamentals of the BWON rule to keep your facility in compliance, BWON Essentials is for you. This 1-Day short-course offers the concepts, requirements, and elements of BWON compliance in a fun, interactive, focused environment. Give us a day—we’ll give you the resources to sharpen your compliance practices and manage your BWON program.

About the Course: BWON Advanced

Day 2 – You’ve learned the basics, now bring your understanding of BWON to an expert level. If you’re an Environmental professional in charge of a BWON program, in search of best practices and technical know how at your facility, we’ve got you covered. BWON Advanced is a hands-on, two-day interactive discussion that builds on your current expertise. From rule interpretation and P&ID waste stream identification to program management, BWON Advanced has you covered.

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