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The Sage Meatheads


Our Mission, Our Goals

If our deep roots in Texas have taught us anything, it's that food matters, and of course by food we mean BBQ. That's why we've dedicated an entire service line to it­ - we're known as The Sage Meatheads. The Meatheads are both Permitted and Licensed in accordance with the US Grill Masters Act of 1980 with both the US BBQ Protection Agency (USBPA) and the Tail-Gate Beverage Commission (TGBC). And we're taking over America one tailgate at a time.


We Like Our Tailgates Well Done

The Sage Meatheads function as the official BBQ unit of Sage Environmental Consulting, LP, committed to bringing the party to you in the best way we know how: brisket, burgers, baked beans, hotdogs, and grilled pineapple­ - oh, and vegetable medleys sure to make any vegetarian feel right at home!


Who Are The Meatheads?

We've got Most Eminent Grill Master, Eric Bierman, behind apron number 1 …

Eric brings the 'que to you, and his true milieu in life is meat. He works meat the way Picasso worked oils. A true master.

And Grill Meister of Ceremonies, Robert Sherrill, behind apron number 2 …

Robert is responsible for putting on the BBQ Face. He not only assists in the cooking but can regale you with stories of The Sage Meathead's travels to faraway lands, adventures & misadventures, and exotic meats … just don't ask him "what's the rub?"­ he doesn't like that.

Eric Beirman
Most Eminent Grill Master
Robert Sherrill
Grill Meister of Ceremonies


Could It Be You?

As if the food and company weren't enough, at every event The Sage Meatheads knight an honorary Meathead. Honorary Meatheads are presented with a Sage Meathead ball cap, apron, and maplewood cutting board in an ultra-secret ceremony involving BBQ sauce.


Firing Up A Grill Near You

Would you like to know where we've been? We're working on an interactive map that charts The Sage Meathead's exploits as they travel to a tailgate near you.

The Sage Meatheads - taking over America one tailgate at a time.

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