Strategic Services


NEPA/Environmental Review and Permitting for Upstream and Midstream O&G

Sage provides NEPA/environmental review and permitting support to the conventional basins and the newer shale plays in upstream and midstream oil and gas (O&G) industries. As the regulatory atmosphere focuses more on the upstream and midstream O&G industry, Sage is a strategic partner to its clients by assisting with demanding and complex environmental requirements. Before drilling can commence and processing, treatment, and pipeline facilitiess are constructed, regulations require extensive review, permits and rights-of-way must be secured, and plans need to be developed and put in place. All these activities and more are where Sage is your best ally.

Natural and Cultural Resources

The construction of pad sites, processing facilities, roads, pipelines, terminals, and other facilities in, near, or across jurisdictional waters (e.g., navigable waters, wetlands, and tributaries) is regulated by state and federal agencies. Construction activities also have to consider impact on the habitats of threatened or endangered species, and historic and archaeological sites. Sage performs desktop reviews and field assessments determining the potential for environmental impact due to construction activities associated with the O&G industry. Sage corresponds with federal, state, and local municipalities in addition to various jurisdictional agencies such as the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) and Native American Tribal Councils. Permits inclusive of Section 401 and 404 permits issued through the Nationwide and/or Individual permit programs may be obtained through field identification and delineation of jurisdictional wetlands and waterways.

Right-Of-Way Support

Sage personnel work on thousands of miles of pipeline corridors, providing environmental support for the acquisition and route determination of pipeline right-of-ways. Assessments determining minimal environmental impact also consider the most cost-effective and time-efficient methods to complete the project.

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans

The Oil Pollution Prevention Regulation of the Clean Water Act require development and implementation of spill prevention, control, and countermeasure (SPCC) plans for O&G facilities. Sage prepares SPCC plans, supports plan implementation, provides training, and performs inspections for hundreds of O&G facilities. The plans include applicable drawings and maps, equipment inventories, and necessary calculations showing that spill-containment measures are adequate to maintain compliance.

Stormwater Permitting

Sage has extensive experience in the development and implementation of stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP) in addition to the preparation of required permits. Although the O&G industry is widely exempt from stormwater regulations, there are situations in which SWPPPS are required. Through periodic inspections, best management practice (BMP) recommendations, site and plan audits, water quality monitoring, and regulatory correspondence, Sage can help to keep your site compliant with various regulatory agencies.

Air Support and Site Authorizations

Emissions from O&G facilities are regulated under state and federal regulations. Sage's vast experience in this market sector includes authorizations for hundreds of upstream, pipeline, and downstream O&G facilities, including production wells, tank batteries, processing facilities, pump stations, compressor stations terminals, and other facilities used to extract, treat, transport, and store oil and natural gas. Authorizations are obtained through registrations, permits by rule, standard permits, and other site-specific permitting strategies for complex facilities. Sage's team of air quality engineers is dedicated to O&G permitting, especially in shale plays where quick turnaround times are needed on short notice to meet production goals and deadlines.

The O&G industry faces compliance with recently promulgated and upcoming environmental regulations. Sage provides turnkey greenhouse gas support in all aspects of implementing and maintaining best practice programs, including applicability analysis, inventory development, program management and reporting. In addition to recent developments regarding greenhouse gas reporting, the O&G industry also faces new potential requirements related to NSPS OOOO legislation and revisions to MACT HH/HHH regulations. Sage helps clients by commenting on these rules, and analyzing and preparing for operational impacts.

Baseline Water Sampling

One of the most controversial topics surrounding the upstream O&G industry is whether hydraulic fracturing has the potential to negatively impact drinking water supplies. Sage assists clients to perform baseline water quality sampling, whether it be required or proactive, for water supplies. This includes securing permission and scheduling logistics with owners of property near O&G sites, sampling the water, coordinating with analytical laboratories to have these samples analyzed for drinking water parameters and petroleum indicator compounds, and interpreting the results based on water quality standards and information about background water quality. We perform sampling before drilling to establish a baseline and periodically after drilling for monitoring changes in water quality.

Other Related Services

Ambient Air and Point Source Monitoring

Sage has performed ambient air quality and point source monitoring studies in the Barnett Shale in Texas and the Niobrara Shale in Colorado, and focused studies in municipalities. Sage's infrared cameras image equipment for emissions, toxic vapor analyzers for screening emission points, and high-flow samplers to measuring emission rates. Sage collects hundreds of canister samples for determining concentrations of VOCs, and we have designed and performed air quality studies for several municipalities.

Health Assessments and Public Meeting Support

Sage personnel evaluate potential adverse health impacts associated with O&G production facilities through ambient air quality monitoring, compilation, and assessment of the impact of other sources, including major sources and mobile sources, and site-specific health risk assessment including air dispersion modeling. We also provide support at public meetings for revisions to ordinances and present results of air quality studies.

Did You Know

Sage recently completed air permit authorizations for nearly 20 O&G production sites within 30 days. That's miraculous by many people's standards, but not Sage's. We understand that those who get their wells in quickly reap great rewards, and we have the technical acumen and flexibility to pull off miraculous projects-with friendly service and no surprises!

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