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Environmental regulations on the chemical industry are numerous, complex, and always changing. We know this as well as you. After all, we’ve been there—and not just as consultants. Our team is led by Curtis Miles who’s 20-year career in the chemical industry ranged from managed day-to-day compliance for multiple chemical facilities, to management of change and long-term strategic planning.

You know your chemical process better than anyone, and Sage knows the environmental regulations. The combination of the two provides one powerful team. Together, we help you understand the regulations, satisfy compliance requirements, reduce overall costs, and remain sustainable businesses.

Our multi-media compliance offerings include the following:

Air Quality

Sage has the top air quality service professionals in the U.S. petroleum refining and chemical fields. We take air compliance seriously, and are committed to helping our clients keep a positive relationship with the air around them.

Due Diligence

Are you buying or selling a property? We understand the significant environmental risks and liabilities associated with a proposed transaction. Through strong pre-planning and proper environmental disclosure, we work with you to expedite your transaction.

Environmental Management Systems / Strategic Environmental Planning

Our planning and management systems services are designed to improve your compliance and lower overall costs.

EPCRA Reporting & Compliance

According to Federal and State regulations, certain facilities must submit EPCRA Section 312 chemical storage (Tier II) and EPCRA Section 313 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports. Typically, if a facility files reports for TRI, they will need to file Tier II reports as well. Both Tier II and TRI reports require a complex, working knowledge of the EPCRA Sections 312 and 313 regulations. Sage helps clients navigate through the rules, regulations, exemptions, and definitions to ensure all calculations, methodologies, assumptions, and applicable forms are accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, Sage can also provide auditing services and expertise in submittal of Voluntary Disclosures for EPCRA violations to both federal and state regulatory agencies.


How are your operations affecting groundwater? More importantly, what are you doing about it? Sage’s innovative team of experts help you strategize—and prioritize—according to your corporate and regulatory requirements.

PSM/Health & Safety

Through SageSafety, we offer services on both sides of safety— the human side (H&S) and the process side (PSM)—while leveraging Sage's environmental background and deep industry knowledge.

Wastewater and Stormwater

Our wastewater/stormwater background is broad, with years of experience helping clients comply with NPDES and TRE/TIE requirements.


We review your processes before the State (or your boss, or your ISO Registrar) does—and ensure that you are in compliance with respect to air quality, waste, and wastewater.


Through Sage’s training center, HSE University, we help you develop your health, safety, and environmental knowledge and give you the practical skills necessary to make sure your operations are in compliance.

Solid Waste/Hazardous Waste

Is it a waste or not? If it is a waste, is it a solid waste? If it is a solid waste, is it a hazardous waste? We help with waste determination, classification /naming, RCRA permits, Part B permits, landfills, land farms, waste analysis plans, waste registrations, waste minimization planning, and reporting.

Regulatory Applicability

Sage helps you determine which regulations apply and, just as important, which do not. Just because the agency says it does, doesn’t make it so. We help you find ways to avoid regulation, when appropriate, and comply with regulation, when required.


Sometimes, non-compliance happens and you get an NOV or NOE. And sometimes, EPA just comes looking for you with a 114 letter. In either case, Sage helps you develop your response and find practical ways to comply.

Living through the Chemical Industry Evolution

Sage’s chemical industry team leader, Curtis Miles, brings a historical perspective and today’s best practices to every chemical industry project he works on. He’s lived through 20 years of managing environmental compliance at multiple facilities and knows the chemical world’s pain!

Curtis’s long history, insider experience, and ongoing work with the chemical industry give our team insights into all the pressure points that you feel on a daily basis.

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