Strategic Services


Sage's creative team creates the content and visuals to support (or create) your brand identity—from initial logo design to work product content development, design, and implementation. We start with developing a brand strategy that accurately reflects your culture and who you aspire to be. Then, we reinforce this strategy through positioning statements and consistent messaging in a variety of forms that make you stand out to your markets.


Why is Branding Important?

Branding is about more than a logo, name, or slogan—it’s the entire experience that prospects, customers, and employees have with a company, what they perceive, and how they feel. In short, branding helps to create and establish company culture which in turn drives opportunities to you. Branding gets all stakeholders moving in the same direction as they rally behind the same images and ideas.

A strong brand:

  • Reduces cost of sales by driving opportunities to you,
  • Increases engagement internally (better employee retention) and externally (drives sales).
  • Supports your pricing structure by creating a more valued product/service in the eyes of your markets.
  • Mobilizes your internal and external markets on behalf of your missives and culture.


Projects Big and Small

From full-scale brand identity (including logo design and core messaging) to designing and implementing specific branding and communications campaigns, we focus on your culture, competitive advantages, ideals, and aspirations to define your voice and tell your story. We conduct the appropriate research so you invest your branding efforts on the platforms that communicate to the channels that works for your objectives.

Then We Put It All Together With Visuals that make the desired impact

Brand visuals create an emotional connection between the brand and consumer. As part of successful messaging, visuals create a memorable experience for the consumer, encourage repeat business, and boost your company’s economic health. Design is where you gain real traction in the market place because that is what directly inspires emotional engagement.


We’ve got you covered

Sage’s creative team is intuitively poised to align the many subtle nuances that support your brand. Our team consists of copywriters, designers, and videographers - to name a few - all working together to create your voice, brand identity, and all the materials you need to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

We offer you:

  1. Experience: We've helped many other companies successfully define their brands.
  2. Resources: Our full-service creative department provides solutions for all your on- and offline branding needs.
  3. Know-How: We distinctly understand the environmental industries, and can offer solutions that will make the desired impact on your markets.
  4. Learn from the Best: Sage has the most established, distinctive brand in the industry. We can make one for you!

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