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Striving for Continuous Improvement

If you have worked with Sage Environmental Consulting, you've come to expect first-class consulting expertise and unparalleled support on all of your environmental compliance projects. As a full-service safety consultancy, we apply that same level of excellence when assisting our clients on safety-related services and projects.

Through SageSafety, we offer services on both sides of safety— the human side (H&S) and the process side (PSM)—while leveraging Sage's environmental background and deep industry knowledge. SageSafety offers the rare opportunity to integrate all safety elements into a cohesive, efficient whole. By providing comprehensive services, we get to know your facilities as well as our own, achieve a higher level of safety, and create significant cost advantages in the process.

Our commitment to safety starts at home. Sage's safety group presides over all the companies in our family and reinforces safety standards that go beyond current regulations. For Sage, safety is a continuous improvement process - the life cycle of a safety program. Our ongoing focus regarding safety is to:

  • Observe and Analyze
  • Train and Implement
  • Audit and Evaluate
  • Improve and Adjust

Here to Serve You: Our Team


Our PSM team members have extensive regulatory knowledge and practical experience. We know what a successful PSM program looks like. In fact, our PSM team assisted with the 2nd edition of the CCPS text —Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems. With our diverse industry experience, our PSM leaders ensure that your program has the proper focus:

Bill Fink

William has over 34 years experience in the petroleum and chemical industry providing industrial, municipal, petroleum & chemical fire protection, safety, emergency response, and process safety services. His experience foundation is in the area of process safety, fire protection and emergency response. Throughout his career, William has been involved with Process Safety Management (PSM) program assessment, planning, development, facilitation of Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) studies, Layer of Protection Analyses (LOPAs), and implementation. William was a member of the CCPS Process Safety Management Audit Subcommittee and currently serves on several other CCPS Subcommittees on PSM subjects. He is also a certified PHA facilitator and has led hundreds of PHAs and LOPA studies for facilities around the world. He has worked with most all of the major oil and gas companies, petrochemical companies, and energy companies.
William is a ChevronPhillips Chemical Corporation (CP Chem) Certified HAZOP/LOPA facilitator and has completed numerous projects for the National Chevron Phillips project and for CP Chem facilities in Cedar Bayou and Sweeny, Texas and the Bartlesville, OK research facility.

Faheem Kazimi

Faheem has conducted due-diligence for new acquisitions as well as provided Environmental, Health, Safety, Security and Emergency Response direction at various levels ranging from hands on tasks to coaching line organization to advising the board of directors of international companies on sustainable compliance and EHSS excellence. He is an experienced change agent and has been called upon and has successfully reorganize/re-structure various HSE groups to maximize the use of talent and strength of employees. While engaged in developing and implementing overall EHSS strategy and programs, Faheem works closely with the legal department to represent PRSI in legal actions arising from injuries or other claims. Faheem also Coordinates Internal assessments, Insurance Audit, and all compliance audit/Investigations by the agencies as well as any follow-up actions from such reviews/audits. He recently lead a successful OSHA NEP (PSM based) inspection and negotiations on settlement of findings, and has negotiated EPA Consent Decree and TCEQ agreed orders.

Janice DeVelasco, PE

Janice has over 30 years of diverse professional health, safety and environmental experience in industry, encompassing refining, petrochemicals, base oils and lubricants manufacturing, terminal operations, pipeline operations, and nitrogen fertilizer. Janice has demonstrated leadership, planning, organization, communication, interpersonal, and negotiating skills. She has extensive experience in Health, Safety and Environmental regulatory compliance, management system development and implementation, management system and compliance auditing and work with environmental agencies at the local, state and federal level. Janice’s expertise is diverse and includes: process safety management program development, implementation of PSM and RMP requirements, procedure development and program implementation for safety, industrial hygiene, maintenance, operations, mechanical integrity, and equipment inspection, management of HSE due diligence for large divestitures, facility siting studies, guidance and support for enforcement and litigation, refinery BWON programs, preparation and review of SPCC and Facility Response Plans, RCRA permitting, wastewater permitting, emergency response and management plans, development of waste minimization and recycling programs, implementation of hazardous waste, PCB, and asbestos management programs, including impoundment and land treatment closures, groundwater monitoring, and underground storage tank removals.

Gerald Buck

Gerald has over 28 years of experience in the refining industry with a primary focus on safety and risk management for the last 14 years. Primary duties have included regulatory compliance within Process Safety Management (PSM) involving the following elements: Process Hazards Analyses (PHAs) including Layer of Protection Analyses (LOPAs), Management of Change (MOC), Incident Investigation, Process Safety Information (PSI), Auditing, and assisting with documentation of the Mechanical Integrity Program. Gerald is a certified PHA facilitator and has completed PHAs and LOPAs for the following types of processes: Crude Topping/Distillation Units, Vacuum Towers, Gas Recovery Plants, Cold Box Plants for separation and recovery of LPG, Benzene Refrigeration Separation, Sulfuric Acid Alkylation Unit, Delayed Coker Unit, Desulfurization Units for Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel, Gas Oil, FCC Unit, Sulfur Recovery Unit, Sour Water Stripper Unit, Amine Regeneration Units, Distillation Columns for multiple ranges of hydrocarbons, Gasoline Blending with Terminal Operations and others for major oil and gas and petrochemical companies.
Gerald is a ChevronPhillips Chemical Corporation (CP Chem) Certified HAZOP/LOPA facilitator and has completed numerous projects for National Chevron Phillips project and for CP Chem facilities in Sweeny and Borger, Texas and for the Bartlesville, OK research facility.

Jimmy Miller

Jimmy has over 16 years experience working in a petroleum refinery and 12 years with Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental experience. He has strong communication skills--Frequent interaction with plant operators, consultants, customers, senior management, and state and federal agencies. Jimmy is competent in the Environmental and OSHA regulations governing the petroleum refining industry. He was responsible for Health, Safety, Security, PSM, and environmental compliance at the refinery; downstream bulk fuels terminals, and legacy remediation sites. Jimmy has been directly responsible for improving plant security, enhancing the Process Safety Program, and managing permits in Air, Wastewater, RCRA, etc.
Jimmy was promoted to HSE director after a major fire exposition damaged a large portion of the facility. During his tenure over Safety and PSM, he drove change by improving employee participation; improve the facility’s PHA process, MOC program, Mechanical integrity program, and updating the facility safety procedures. Jimmy was also responsible for the closure of over 200 backlogged incident investigation and PHA recommendations.
Jimmy is also experienced in emergency planning, incident response and incident investigation. Jimmy has lead multiple investigations and is certified in TAP Root and DNV investigation methodologies.


Our PSM services concentrate on protecting people by systematically managing the highly hazardous chemicals in your facility—keeping processes under control and materials in the pipes.

Sage’s PSM philosophy is one of continuous improvement that incorporates other successful industry practices:

  • We gain a deep understanding of your facility and scrutinize the integrity of your processes.
  • We understand the realities of running a successful PSM program, and know the ins and outs of the OSHA Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals (PSM) Standard (29 CFR 1910.119) and EPA 40 CFR 68 Chemical Accident Prevention Provision/Risk Management Plan (RMP).
  • Our PSM quality audits benchmark how your system elements are working against good industry practice, rather than minimum regulatory requirements.

In the end, a well-developed PSM program goes beyond compliance to yield exceptional process safety culture, equipment integrity, and process reliability.


Our H&S team specializes in safety program management, safety program audits, root cause analysis, emergency response planning, and training. With our extensive regulatory knowledge and global compliance experience, our H&S leaders are well-equipped to create a successful and compliant H&S program:

With over 35 years of HSE experience, Russell Townsend is a true industry veteran. As a consultant, he’s performed comprehensive safety and environmental audits and corrective measures across the U.S. He’s also worked in industry, managing daily operations concerning OSHA, safety, and environmental issues. He uses his experience on both sides to help clients grow their HSE programs.


Whether you need to address new or changing regulations, maximize your current program’s efficiency, or identify industry best practices that will take you beyond compliance, our mission is to assist you in protecting your most important assets: your people.

Keeping your people safe is at the core of our SageSafety practice. That’s why our H&S offering focuses on making sure people are performing their job functions in safe ways to achieve an incident-free culture. We drive your H&S program to a new level of excellence by instilling a sustainable passion for safety within your culture. Because incorporating safety into your operations benefits everyone—with smooth startups and shutdowns, enhanced efficiency and quality, and reduced H&S problems.

Essential H&S Services

Safety Program Development

  • Behavior-Based Safety
  • Recognition Program Development
  • Performance Metric Development and Analysis
  • Job Safety Analysis Program Development
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Response Programs
  • Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans
  • Safety Identity Development
  • Worker’s Compensation Program Assistance
  • Written Safety and Health Program Development


  • Supervisory Workplace Safety Training
  • New Hire Orientation
  • On-Site and Web-Based Safety Training
  • Customized Training Program Development and Curriculum Design
  • Safety Auditor Training


  • Industry-Specific Program Audits
  • Compliance Audits
  • Facilities Fire Safety/Life Safety Audits
  • Safety & Health Program Audits

Pipeline Safety

  • Risk and Integrity Management Processes
  • Compliance Audits
  • Regulatory Agency Inspections

Industrial Hygiene

  • Industrial Hygiene Program Development, Surveys, and Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing, Assessments, and Ventilation

Safety System Support

  • H&S Management System Development
  • Procedure Development and Implementation
  • Data and Recordkeeping Systems
  • Accident/Event Investigation, Reporting, and Prevention
  • OSHA and MSHA Compliance and Abatement Strategies, Inspections, Expert Witness Testimony

Essential PSM Services

PSM Program Implementation

  • Applicability Review and Options Analysis
  • PSM Program Development
  • Compliance and Management System Audits
  • Compliance and Enforcement Support
  • Program Training
  • National Emphasis Program (NEP) Inspections
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review Implementation
  • Engineering Standards Update and Implementation

Procedure Development and Implementation

  • Facility Needs Assessment
  • Review/Revision of Existing Procedures
  • Development of New Procedures

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

  • PHA Facilitation
  • PHA Training
  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

Risk Management

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management Programs (RMP)

Process Safety Information (PSI)

  • Technical Documents and Specifications
  • P&ID Reviews/Updates
  • Engineering Drawings

MSDS Update and Review

  • Management of Change
  • Process and Procedure Development
  • Review and Evaluation

Mechanical Integrity

  • Development and Implementation
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Covered and Critical Process Equipment
  • QA/QC Procedures

Incident Investigation

  • Root Cause Identification
  • Preventative Measures

Ensuring Feedback Loop Facility Siting

  • Siting Evaluations for Explosion, Fire and Toxic Hazards
  • Modeling - Blast Zone, Radiant Heat, Emergency Release

Fire Protection Systems

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