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Sage Environmental Consulting offers full-service storage tanks capabilities through our Tanks & Terminals (regulatory) team. To us, full service means providing you with regulatory expertise, evaluating of the adequacy of your current program, training or supplementing your current personnel, and performing all of your required inspections, integrity testing and troubleshooting. Tanks & Terminals offers you regulatory strategy and compliance software through joining forces with Rob Ferry, TGB Partnership. With over 30 years of tank compliance experience, Rob is one of the most sought-after consultants on tank regulations and emissions estimating. He was at the table when the regulations were written, and helped develop EPA’s AP-42 emission factors and methodologies – which are incorporated into TankESP. Under Rob’s leadership, our T&T experts work together providing you with the guidance and regulatory expertise to attain and maintain regulatory compliance.

If it falls under tank compliance, we’ve got it covered!

Regulatory Compliance and Support

Tanks & Terminals offers the industry's most respected expertise in regulatory compliance to help you with the following:

  • Permitting (NSR, PSD, PBR, Title V, Dispersion Modeling)
  • LDAR auditing
  • BWON auditing
  • Agency reporting (AEI, TRI, Title V Deviations, TAB),
  • Consent Decree support
  • Due diligence support
  • Risk-management program development

With these specialized programs, and our broad training offerings and other specialty services, we help keep your entire environmental department running smoothly.


Sage helps clients implement purchased Environmental Management System (EMS) as well as build a new system for a plant, depending on the goals and customization requirements. An EMS offers methods for defining, assigning responsibility, and tracking individual tasks for an entire environmental staff.



There are specific limitations of and inaccuracies in the EPA-issued tank emission software, TANKS4.09. Our Tank Emissions Software Programs (TankESP) remedy these deficiencies. (See orange call-out box for more details.)

Rob Ferry of The TGB Partnership developed the tank landing/cleaning emissions estimation methods (API Technical Reports 2567 and 2568) and prepared a compilation of the emission calculation methods for all emission sources at terminals (API Publication 1673).

TankESP is a tank emission software program for estimating storage tanks emissions developed by, Rob Ferry of The TGB Partnership (TGB), addresses all of the problems noted with TANK4.09. In addition to accurately applying the AP-42 equations for organic liquid storage tanks, TankESP incorporates correct monthly emission estimates, estimates of roof-landing and tank-cleaning emissions, and short-term emissions not available in TANKS4.09. TankESP can be customized to provide reports for all of your needs, including permitting, agency reporting, and internal compliance tracking.

TankESP Plus is a software program that estimates emissions not only from storage tanks, but also from the other types of emission sources typically found at terminal and pipeline facilities—from loading losses to equipment leaks to spills. TGB is uniquely qualified to develop such a tool, having written the industry publication that compiles methods for estimating emissions at terminal and pipeline facilities (API Publication 1673).

For more information about the problems with TANKS4.09 and how TankESP fixes them please contact us at 1-855-Tank411.


TankCOP is a database program that reliably and consistently generates tank-specific compliance tasks for both routine and non-routine requirements, schedules when those tasks are due, and maintains a history of compliance activities as they are completed. TankCOP automatically determines which regulations and tasks are applicable to a given tank, including initial, conditional, and periodic compliance tasks, then schedules and manages those tasks.

Whatever you need in the way of tank services, we provide it: emissions estimating, software solutions, inspection services, air permitting, and program auditing and improvement.

Our Tanks & Terminals team has got you covered! We provide you with the quality expertise you need to help keep you in top compliance.


Together, we can resolve your tank and terminal issues and guide you on best practices in the following areas:


  • Environmental Program Audit
  • TankCOP Software
  • Due Diligence
  • TankESP Software for Emissions Estimation
  • In-Depth Review of Operating Parameters for Accuracy and Best Practices
  • In-Field Verification of Design Parameters, Fittings, etc.
  • ESPd+ software for estimating emissions from all terminal sources
  • Emissions estimation for non-routine events, including inspection failures, deviations, MSS
    • NSPS, NESHAP, MACT, GACT Compliance
    • Emission Control Strategy
    • EPA Information Collection Requests (CAA 114), Consent Decree, Auditing Assistance
    • Settlement/Litigation Negotiation Assistance
    • PSD, NSR Permits, Amendments, Renewals
    • Title V Permits, Amendments, Renewals
    • BACT, RACT, LAER Determinations
    • Criteria Pollutant and HAP Emission Inventories
    • Recordkeeping, Reporting, and Monitoring
    • Permitting of Non-Routine Emissions Sources (Maintenance, Startup, and Shutdown events)
    • Tank Essentials
    • Tank ESP
    • MSS Permitting
    • Loading Operations
    Did You Know...

    The EPA has not maintained TANKS4.09; therefore, the program is increasingly divergent from EPA's AP-42 methodology for estimating storage tank emissions. TANKS4.09 does not match EPA's AP-42 guidance for the following:

    • Monthly calculations
    • Fixed–roof tank calculations
    • Heated tank calculations
    • Roof landing/cleaning emissions
    • Selected floating roof calculations

    Our TankESP software addresses all of these problems.

    For more information about the problems with TANKS4.09 and how TankESP fixes them, email Mickel Farag or call us at

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