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Tank Emissions Software Program (TankESP)

From Tanks4.09 to TankESP

The U.S. EPAʼs software program, TANKS 4.09, nominally applies the emission factors and equations published in chapter 7.1 of EPAʼs AP-42 document for estimating emissions from storage tanks. However, TANKS has not been maintained to stay current with the changes to emission factors and methodologies published in AP-42— creating limitations, known errors, and inappropriate default routines in the TANKS program that prevent it from correctly applying the AP-42 methodology in certain circumstances.

Enter TankESP:

Accurate software created by
one of AP-42ʼs authors!

TankESP is the ONLY software tool available that accurately applies the current AP-42 methodology and addresses non-routine emissions events. Sageʼs Tanks & Terminals team leader, Rob Ferry of TGB Partnership, not only helped author the methodologies in EPAʼs AP-42 documents for estimating emissions from storage tanks, he also created TankESP for facilities to correctly apply these methodologies.

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What is TankESP?

TGBʼs TankESP software provides an accurate, complete, and timely alternative to TANKS 4.09ʼs inefficiencies. TankESP includes the following features:
  • AP-42 emission factors. Estimates emissions from storage tanks, correctly applying EPAʼs current AP-42 emission factors and equations for annual and monthly emission estimates.
  • Short-term emission estimates. Applies TCEQ methodology to estimate maximum short-term (pound/hour) emission estimates.
  • Floating-roof landing losses. Estimates emissions from floating-roof landings, using AP-42 methodology (which was developed by TGB).
  • Tank cleaning emissions. Estimates emissions from tank cleanings, using API TR 2568 methodology (which was developed by TGB).
  • Speciated emissions. Calculates speciated emissions for each type of emissions event, as well as emissions of total VOCs. Speciated emissions are further tracked as TRI, HAP, or by other group designations.
  • Changes in service. Accommodates changes in service on any given day (not just first of the month), calculating the emissions for a given service based on the number of days that the tank was in that service.
  • Tank changes. Adjusts emission estimates to account for a change in tank construction (such as putting a dome roof on an open-top, external floating-roof tank), while maintaining historical records of estimated emissions based on prior tank configuration for the period before the change.
  • Control device efficiency. Accounts for control efficiency when vapors are routed to a control device, and models discontinuation of controls (such as during tank degassing).
  • Reporting. Accommodates creation of customized reports, including fields and time periods selected by the user (e.g., 12-month rolling averages, totals versus permit limits, etc.).
Although TankESP and TANKS are based on AP-42 methodology and generally yield similar results when given the same input, there are numerous other problems associated with the use of TANKS in other scenarios that are resolved by TankESP.


It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

No one knows TankESP better than Sage! Our team of experts works with this tool on a daily basis. And as the only certified distributor of this program, we provide the resources and training you need to make your transition from TANKS 4.09 to TankESP as effective and smooth as possible.

Implementation truly is as is as easy as 1, 2, 3 . . .

  1. Collect facilities’ storage tanks and stored liquids data
  2. Enter data into TankESP
  3. Run calculations
Plus, we save you time and money through our one-stop-shop ability to service a vast range of your environmental needs—beyond calculating your tanks emissions. Having one contractor promotes coordinated and consistent help with short- and long-range planning and resource allocation. Sage provides that ease, accuracy, and efficiency.

*Please note that implementation is most efficient when the facility provides accurate and organized data.

Software Versions

Alternatives to Meet Your Needs

TGB Partnership developed the original spreadsheet version of the TankESP in 2005. As needs have changed, the software has also evolved. Today, TankESP Spreadsheet and TankESP_d (Database) both provide viable alternatives for estimating emissions of storage tanks. Each has unique advantages to consider for any given situation.

TankESP Spreadsheet
TankESP’s Microsoft® Excel application addresses the inaccuracies of TANKS4.09 as they relate to AP-42 methodology. The spreadsheet version, while having certain limitations due to its size, remains a useful tool for estimating emissions from storage tanks.

TankESP Spreadsheet is readily customized or enhanced, without requiring the involvement of a programmer. Furthermore, the spreadsheet version includes the following functionalities, which are not in the database version and are particularly useful when preparing permit applications in Texas:

  • Rule applicability determination – A tab of the spreadsheet determines rule applicability, based on the current service inputs. The rules evaluated are those that may pertain to storage tanks at refineries in Texas.

  • Table 7 generator – The spreadsheet automatically fills in the Table 7 forms required for permit applications in Texas.

TankESP_d ( Database)
In 2012, TGB developed a database version of the software tool, TankESP_d. TankESP_d is a Runtime application, written in VBA for Microsoft (MS) Access. This allows you to run the software even if you do not have MS Access on your computer.

In addition to offering a more intuitive and easy-to-use interface, TankESP_d addresses the data size limitations experienced in the MS Excel version. Learn more about additional benefits of the database version.

SQL Server Version coming out soon!
We are in the process of converting the Runtime version to a SQL Server platform, such that it can reside on a corporate server. This will allow for concurrent use by multiple users.


Software that Saves You Money

The costs of TankESP are nominal compared to the time and money you save by accurately and effectively estimating emissions from your storage tanks. The following licensing options are available for TankESP:
Single-Site License

License Fee Annual Total Initial Cost
Excel Spreadsheet

$ 4,500.00

$ 1,750.00

$ 6,250.00
Runtime Database

$ 6,000.00

$ 2,500.00

$ 8,500.00

Corporate License

License Fee Annual Total Initial Cost
Excel Spreadsheet


$ 5,500.00

Runtime Database


$ 7,500.00

Note: Being licensed in use of the database version entitles the licensee to also use the spreadsheet version.


First-hand Insights from the Experts

Sage’s Tanks & Terminal Team hosts a number of TankESP introductory trainings to provide step-by-step guidance of the functionalities of the TankESP (spreadsheet) and TankESP_d (database) programs. We offer firsthand insight into the most accurate and complete storage tank emissions estimating software available. Learn more…

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