Air Quality

Emission Trading, Banking & ERC Generation

Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) are at the heart of the Federal and State regulatory programs that allow for initial construction or expansion of major sources of air pollution.

In most states, the use of ERCs for offsetting proposed increases in air pollution is tied to a specific air basin. For example, the State of Texas requires OFFSETS in only 3 separate geographical areas, while California tops the regulatory framework with 35 separate air districts, each with its own regulations on how ERCs can be created and then utilized as OFFSETS.

ERCs exist for all criteria pollutants – and may soon exist in many jurisdictions for carbon. The available amount and the cost of air credits vary widely from state to state and even within regions, usually depending on how heavily polluted an area in question is.

SAGE has the in-depth experience and technical staff to:

  • Determine the extent to which ECS for various pollutants will be required for your specific project
  • Assemble a compliance strategy that balances the cost of placing facility emission controls against the cost of obtaining ERCs as OFFSETS, thus allowing your facility to maximize production cost effectively
  • Create ERCs for your specific project by working with existing sources of local pollution that can be easily and inexpensively controlled
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