Air Quality

Control Technology Analysis

Air pollution control technologies often need to be evaluated to meet air permitting requirements or as part of compliance agreement negotiations with regulatory agencies. Sage makes heroic efforts to select, justify and gain agency approval for the most cost-effective control technology for every client and every source.

We have saved our clients millions of dollars in control costs in exchange for mere thousands in consulting support through diligent research, real-world experience, and fearless advocacy. We treat your potential control costs as if they would come out of our pockets.

Sage has supported clients on every phase of air pollution control projects, including:

Sage use our practical understanding of the entire air pollution control project process to alert clients to hidden costs and technical challenges, and to develop strong justifications for negotiating the most cost-effective technology.

Sage routinely supports our clients across many US states that have varying types of control technology approval processes. We have extensive control technology evaluation experience under the US Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Non-attainment permitting programs, for USEPA Consent Decree negotiations, and for capital projects outside the U.S.

Clients Speak Out

Sage has supported clients with installing a wide range of control technologies, from retrofitting burners in furnaces to replacing steam boilers, installing catalytic NOX reduction systems, wet gas scrubbers, incinerators, oxidizers, flares, carbon absorbers, IC engines, and site-wide NOX control plans.

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