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At Sage Environmental Consulting, we believe that every project is an opportunity to earn your trust. Our collective experience allows us to see the big picture clearly, and our deep understanding of industry complexities helps us apply proven solutions.

We've promised nearly four thousand clients a quality product, completed in a cost-effective manner, with friendly service and no surprises. We've done it through the leadership of the following team:

Steve Probst, P.E.

Founding Engineer, Chief Visionary

As a trained environmental and chemical engineer, Steve brings more than just his vision to Sage.

A respected serial entrepreneur, Steve Probst is the proud founder of a number of successful companies in the Environmental Industry. In 1998, Steve founded his first company, Sage Environmental Consulting L.P, and has grown it from $0 to $49 million in total revenue over the past 17 years. Sage Consulting has been a 5-time Inc. 5000 honoree since its foundation, ranking #2832 on the list in 2014. In 2006, Steve facilitated the inception of Dexter Field Services, L.P, and has fostered its growth from $0 to $12 million in total revenue. Dexter Field Services is also a 5-time Inc. 5000 honoree, ranking #406 on the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2010.

From 2006 through 2015, Steve oversaw the acquisitions of Bowman Environmental, AWR, CCI, Plant Services Inc., Bonanza Industries, and Wilkins Environmental to build up the presence and services of Sage. While managing the six companies that make up the Sage family, Steve founded the 4C Marketplace in 2015, which was designed to share knowledge, build camaraderie, grow the industry, and advance the careers of those working in environmental compliance. Steve has also been a member of the Vistage CEO group since 2013.

In Steve's own words:

"My favorite time of year is when the Berkshire Hathaway annual report is released. It also happens to be the time of the Kentucky Derby. The greatest 2 minutes in sports."

Teresa Peneguy

Corporate Operations Direction

Teresa has environmental experience working in chemical and petrochemical processing facilities to evaluate Regulatory Applicability under Federal Operating Permitting and New Source Review Permitting. She has participated with clients as part of the design phase of construction to proactively identify compliance requirements and update the process design to identify control strategies or possible operating improvements to reduce environmental impacts. Her experience also includes developing, implementing, and maintaining Compliance Assurance Systems for multiple petrochemical facilities.

Out of the office:

When not working, Teresa and her family can be found in the backyard. Teresa has great ambition to have the most abundant vegetable garden and luscious flower gardens in the neighborhood, however the number of plants killed each year by her "green thumb" is staggering.

Larry G. Darcey, P.E.

BWON Leadership, Management Consulting & Industry Advocacy

Larry Darcey brings with him 12 years experience in environmental compliance and permitting. Larry has also served as the environmental solutions manager at one of the largest refineries in the United States where he managed costs, prioritized projects, and provided guidance to the refinery's engineering and projects groups on environmental aspects of capital projects. In this position, Larry also found himself tracking and managing resolution of multi-media environmental audit findings generated during a multi-million dollar, multi-year audit.

Larry specializes in air quality permitting and compliance, and has extensive knowledge and experience with the Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP or “BWON,” having performed BWON compliance work at nearly two-dozen refineries and chemical plants. Larry routinely conducts BWON training courses and is recognized as one of the few national experts on BWON.

Larry has also reviewed and prepared SPCC Plans, performed environmental site assessments, and has worked with hazardous and solid waste management and NPDES permitting. Larry is a registered professional engineer in Texas, Louisiana, New York, Oklahoma, Montana, North Carolina, and New Mexico.

About his industry reputation:

Larry is known as the BWON guru, but prefers to be called “o-BWON-kenobi”.

Anita Doepke

Forest Products Authority

Anita concentrates on building Sage's work in the forest products (wood, pulp, and paper) markets and is located in Sage's Green Bay office. During her nearly 30-year involvement in the paper industry, she has developed and implemented environmental, health, and safety (EHS) programs at both the corporate and facility levels, and she has conducted air and landfill permitting and negotiations, due diligence, wastewater treatment plant audits and troubleshooting, ISO 14001 implementation, and compliance audits. During her tenure supporting the forest products industry, she has actively supported the National Council of Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI), participating in its Northern Regional Steering Committee. She also has worked with the Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), chairing the environmental division and serving as a member of the board of directors. Anita joined Sage as a Client Service Manager focused on supporting the forest products industry after working for RMT as a senior client service manager, senior client executive, and senior account executive. Previously, Anita served as VP of Regulatory Affairs for Pratt Industries, Inc. (USA), heading up the corporate EHS programs. Other positions along the way that prepared her for these high-level corporate roles were corporate director of environmental affairs for Bell Packaging and environmental manager for Menominee Paper Company.

Anita hales from 'da UP 'ey,' which is known to the rest of the world as Michigan's Upper Peninsula. They typically have a foot of snow by mid-December. Suffice it to say, it's mighty cold up there!

Graham "Buzz" Harris

Renown and Unparalleled LDAR expertise

Buzz Harris is a Chemical Engineer with 38 years experience in industry and consulting. He began his career as a process engineer at the Texaco Port Arthur refinery, where he spent six years rotating through responsibility for all the major refining process categories. He joined Radian Corporation in 1976, where he worked 29 years before joining Sage in 2005. He has spent the last 31 years in consulting to the refining and petrochemicals industries. Buzz played a lead role in the fugitive emission studies that established the monitoring protocol, correlation equations, and emission factors for refineries and SOCMI facilities. He has been continuously involved in LDAR equipment leaks issues for 32 years, in projects ranging from bagging, training, database, regulatory development, and auditing. In recent years, LDAR audits have become nearly his full-time job, having completed more than 130 LDAR audits over the last eight years. Buzz has also been active in supporting the development of new LDAR technologies, such as Smart LDAR. He has played a part in most public demonstrations of infrared imaging of equipment leaks, and has participated in several private demonstrations. Buzz is active in development and presentation of training materials related to LDAR, and is a lecturer at LDAR University. He has presented several dozen papers on LDAR at workshops and meetings and has chaired several LDAR-specific workshops. He is regular participant on expert panels to field audience questions on LDAR and Smart LDAR.

It's all about the music:

Buzz moved to Austin in the mid-1970s to be close to the source of the Outlaw Country music scene. His mp3 player still includes a bunch of alt-country, roots rock, blues, and a wide variety of other music. If he comes to visit you for an audit, tell him about your favorite artist or a live music happening in the area.

Scott Muller

New Business Strategy & Development, Client Management

Scott Muller is currently responsible for new business development. Scott assists clients with executing their environmental strategies by providing and coordinating resources across Sage's offices and business units. He is also an experienced senior project manager, client service manager, and division manager.

Scott specializes in Clean Air Act consulting, and provides regulatory and technical assistance with all aspects of air quality permitting and regulatory compliance. Scott's background includes State and Federal New Source Review (NSR) permitting, Title V permitting, air compliance audits, annual emission reporting, and air dispersion modeling. He has also gained detailed Title V and NSR permitting experience in several states, and specializes in project management, environmental agency relations, regulatory analysis, permit flexibility, environmental data management, and compliance enhancement.

Thoughts on engineering:

Virtually all engineers can plan well, and most can implement a plan. Very few engineers verify that the plan is properly implemented. Those few that verify well will go on to manage the rest. Good verification requires great communication, and personal discipline.

Randy Parmley, P.E.

Gulf Coast Operations, Expert Consulting

Randy Parmley brings three decades of experience in air quality consulting to Sage, where he runs the Gulf Coast Operations. While his background encompasses almost every aspect of air quality, Randy's primary areas of expertise are in the areas of air quality permitting and atmospheric dispersion modeling.

Randy has worked extensively with the refining and petrochemical industries and has a strong reputation preparing and negotiating large and complex Flexible, PAL, PSD, Maintenance Startup and Shutdown (MSS) and Title V permitting Projects. Along with preparing approximately 2500 air permit applications and supporting dispersion modeling analyses, Randy has conducted regulatory, permitting, and modeling seminars in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Randy's engineering and air quality background enable him to evaluate and communicate complex emission release and modeling concepts in an understandable and credible manner. As a result he has been used by many of the leading law firms specializing in environmental issues. Randy's expert witness experience includes contested permit hearings, serving as a neutral mediation expert in merger and acquisition disputes, disaster/event modeling evaluations and testimony, and a variety of health-effect related toxic tort support efforts.

Randy is really proud of:

Randy is really proud of: his wife, Debbie's, artistic ability. She is an accomplished artist in the chinese watercolor technique, and her work has been shown in many galleries and exhibitions since she dove head first into her passion in 2003. And lucky for Sage, her design skills have made the invitations for many of the Houston office's events warm, appealing, and completely memorable!

David Ranum

LDAR Expert, Project Design

David has over 28 years experience in a variety of areas within the environmental field. These areas include instrumentation system design, air toxics monitoring programs, fugitive emission programs, design and installation of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and mobile air monitoring systems, maintenance of infrared air monitoring systems (FTIR) and numerous projects related to LDAR. He is currently active in the areas of application of new CEMS technologies, meteorological system design, and ambient air network design.

In the LDAR field, David participated in several key bagging projects that eventually led to the development and enhancement of refinery emission correlation equations. He has initiated LDAR programs both here and abroad as well as managed a large scale refinery tagging inventory project. David provides training on a variety of LDAR issues to refinery LDAR staff and participates in symposiums dealing with topics of interest to the LDAR community. David serves as a member of an LDAR audit team that has conducted LDAR audits at over 100 refinery and petrochemical plants across the U.S and has served as the audit leader on 18 of these audits. David has recently completed a 9 month study on the application of SmartLDAR techniques to traditional LDAR programs and is active in evaluating the use of this new technology to the area of fugitive emissions. David is part of a three-person team of LDAR experts which will perform a comprehensive assessment of LDAR for a major oil company site, and is currently engaged in performing emission rate tests (bagging) in both state and federally funded programs, conducting consent decree LDAR audits, and in the updating of a client's corporate LDAR manual.

David's office:

David's office is a busy place that alternately changes from storage facility, shipping depot, equipment museum, to (now and then) a regular ole' office. David heads up Sage's IR camera work (including training) and his office is ground zero for the development of projects and trainings, and the collection and dispatch of equipment needed for all IR camera uses.

Igor B. Shnayder

Technology Specialist, Modeling Leadership

Senior Technical Specialist Igor Shnayder has conducted air quality related projects and has been involved in numerous projects requiring air quality modeling for over 15 years through his work in the environmental compliance and permitting field.

Igor has prepared NSR Permit applications, Title V Permit applications, Emissions Inventories, Start-up, Shutdown, and Malfunction Plans, Risk Management Plans, SARA 313, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Spill Prevention, Countermeasure, and Control Plans, and other environmental compliance documentation for oil and gas, petroleum refining, metallurgical, SOCMI, and other industrial facilities in nine states.

Knowledgeable in state and federal environmental regulations for different industries and states, Igor has used MS Office, AutoCAD and various special (TANKS, GRI-GlyCALC, Surfer) applications to complete over two dozen significant simple, complex and special modeling projects.

American Dream:

Igor came to America from Russia in 1992, heading up a family of five, and arrived on our shores with $300 in his pocket. Fortunes reversed (in a good way!) when he became a founding member of Sage very soon after his arrival here, and he considers this his own personal American Dream story.

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