About Us

At Sage Environmental Consulting, we believe that every project is an opportunity to earn your trust. Our collective experience allows us to see the big picture clearly, and our deep understanding of industry complexities helps us apply proven solutions.

We've promised nearly four thousand clients a quality product, completed in a cost-effective manner, with friendly service and no surprises. We've done it through the leadership of the following team:

Steve Probst, P.E.

Chairman of the Board

Mark R. Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Anita Doepke

Forest Products Authority

Graham "Buzz" Harris

Renown and Unparalleled
LDAR expertise

Vickie Hall


Jeremy Griffith

Executive Leadership Development

Stephanie Meranda

Executive Leadership Development

David Ranum

LDAR Expert, Project Design

Scott Muller

New Business Strategy & Development, Client Management

Igor B. Shnayder

Technology Specialist, Modeling Leadership

Randy Parmley, P.E.

Gulf Coast Operations,
Expert Consulting

Aaron Beckman

Chief Administrative
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